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The Black Sea Regional Energy Centre (BSREC) was inaugurated in 1995 following the Chalkidiki Ministerial Meeting, held in 1994 in Greece.

The establishment of the Centre was a joint initiative of the European Commission, under its SYNERGY Programme, and the countries of the Black Sea region, i.e. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Since 1999, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and since 2001, Serbia have become members of the BSREC as well.

BSREC was registered in Sofia, Bulgaria, according to the legislation of its host country.

The Black Sea Regional Energy Centre acted as a focal point for energy related activities, aimed at developing of co-operation between the Black Sea region countries and the EU in the energy field. Apart from its international activities, the BSREC was actively involved in the Bulgarian energy issues, acting as a Bulgarian energy society.

Although BSREC has ceased existence in this format, all the gathered knowledge, experience and capacity, as well as the good relationship with its members and collaborators and presence on the Black Sea Region energy scene have been transferred to the established in 2007 new organization - Black Sea Energy Research Centre.