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Harmonization of the Black Sea Region Countries' Energy Legislation with the EU Legislation

BSREC has been actively working on the harmonisation of the energy legislation of the Black Sea countries with the EU one, targeting to improve the investment climate and to encourage foerign investments in the energy sector.

The Centre, together with EU and local consultants, has performed projects directed to implementation of requirements and conditions of the main EU political and legislative documents.

The Centre drafted and assisted the energy authorities of Bulgaria in the elaboration of the Energy Act, Energy Efficiency Act, Energy Strategy, National Renewable Energy Action Plan of Bulgaria, and various secondary legislative documents. Expertise services have also been provided to the Bulgarian State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission on the Energy Services Quality Regulation and on Development of Electricity Network and Metering Codes for the future liberalization of the electricity market.

Energy Market Reform

BSREC has used various means to provide information on energy market reform and the experience of other countries where this process had started earlier. The Centre has organized a number of workshops on power, heating and gas sectors restructuring, seminars and conferences, targeted to promote knowledge related to the electricity and gas internal market, liberalization, pricing and tariffs. The provisions of the EU electricity and gas directives, as well as information about the experiences of power markets in the Nordpool, USA, Australia, UK and other Western and Eastern countries have been disseminated through the Centre's regular publications.

BSREC took an active part in several projects with regional coverage through providing consultancy and support services. The Centre has enhanced its capabilities in the Balkans, co-ordinating and/or being involved in projects that helped ensuring the efficiency of electricity, gas and oil interconnection investment initiatives in this region (Balkans Energy Interconnection Task Force, Energy Interconnections in South-Eastern Europe) in view to creation of a Regional Electricity Market (REM).

BSREC, together with its Greek partners, initiated and launched for discussion among the Black Sea countries in 1996 the idea of establishment of REM. The project was accepted for funding by the EC. The REM project grew subsequently into the Athens Process.

Security of the Energy Supply and Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

The BSREC has undertaken a number of initiatives and studies dedicated to the diversification of gas supply and enhancement of the interconnection of electricity grids.

Additionally, many projects devoted to renewable energy have been carried out, focusing on:

  • Transfer of RES-utilization technologies;
  • Evaluation of the economic, environmental, social, and policy aspects;
  • Financing sources and schemes;
  • Technical complications related to the integration of RES installations to the grid;
  • Legislation and regulations;
  • RES deployment strategies and research priorities;
  • Training, promotion and dissemination of information and findings.

Energy Efficiency (EE) and Rational Use of Energy (RUE)

Energy efficiency is vital for the Black Sea countries' economies. Since 1998, the BSREC has devoted significant part of its activities to work within the network of the Organization for Promotion of Energy Technologies (OPET), covering the Black Sea Region, and co-operating with a continuously increasing number of OPET partner-organizations across Europe and beyond. Considerable experience and expertise have been gained in performing energy audits in the industry and building sector, assessing the EE potential, in working with municipalities and SMEs, in dissemination of EU best practices.

RUE in buildings and industry is in the scope of the priority activities of BSREC and numerous projects have been implemented so far. The Centre has been working together with experts from the World Bank and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank to identify and substantiate projects for rational use of energy in industry and building sectors of Bulgaria.

In order to enhance its capacity, the Centre is actively co-operating with high-level experts from the Technical Universities of Sofia and Varna. Together with them, the BSREC has successfully perormed a number of projects on RUE in the field of industry and buildings.

At the legislative level, the BSREC has been working on the development of Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan of Bulgaria. The Centre contributed considerably to the development of the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Act as well.

Dissemination of Information

The dissemination of information is one of the BSREC's priorities, implemented through organization and running of workshops, conferences, seminars, publication of Newsletters, etc. It is aimed at transfering of information about policies, technologies, organizational structures, key persons, and experience in energy activities.

During its operation, the BSREC has gained significant experience in organizing high-level Energy Conferences (Ministerial Conferences in Bucharest, 1997; Thessaloniki, 1999; Athens, 2000). Additionally, BSREC has organized more than 50 seminars, workshops, training sessions, forums and other events throughout the Black Sea region.