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Retrofitting of social housing (ROSH)
Title: Retrofitting of social housing (ROSH)
Funding: European Commission, "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme
Budget: 1 330 623 EUR
Timeframe: Jan. 2006 - Jun. 2008

The ROSH objective was to promote energy efficient and sustainable retrofitting of social housing in the partner regions Lower Saxony (Germany), Styria (Austria), Dublin (Ireland), Warmia-Mazuria (Poland), Lombardia and Piemonte (Italy) as well as in Bulgaria. ROSH wished to expand the market for advanced energy-efficient retrofitting solutions at the same time with increasing comfort levels and the quality of life for tenants.

The project aimed at influencing the decision-making process for retrofitting of social housing in the direction of having better and more efficient solutions in renovation projects and to stimulate the increase of social housing being retrofitted. The project focused on the social housing providers as well as on the tenants, who must be positive about sustainable retrofitting solutions.


target GmbH, Germany; AEE INTEC, Austria; Grazer Energie Agentur, Austria; BSREC, Bulgaria; Architektenkammer Niedersachsen, Germany; Institut für Bauforschung e. V., Germany; CODEMA, Ireland; Ambiente Italia, Italy; ASTI, Italy; ATC Novara, Italy; Federcasa, Italy; BAPE, Poland