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Energy efficient electric motor systems in new member and candidate countries (4EM-MCP)
Title: Energy efficient electric motor systems in new member and candidate countries (4EM-MCP)
Funding: European Commission, "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme
Budget: 670 110 EUR
Timeframe: 2006 - 2008

The project focused on disseminating, extending and applying the Motor Challenge Programme (MCP) tools through national programmes in Eastern European Countries (new member countries and candidate countries), aiming to build capacity and to raise awareness of policy makers and industry in new member countries through:

  • Dissemination, through a comprehensive programme of technically sound publications, seminars, show cases projects, training courses and communication through websites focused on target audience and through engaging new MCP Sponsors.
  • Evaluation tools to lower the "entry barrier" to energy efficiency. Distilation of the essence of the MCP and other tools adapting them to the targeted countries markets, so as to ease their application in SMEs, including in situations where no publicly sponsored intervention is carried out. A software with the database for supporting decision process was developed.
  • Market investigation and evaluation of energy efficiency potential, by gathering information on the market penetration of energy efficient electric motor systems, on past, ongoing and planed activities for efficiency improvements in electric motor systems and by evaluating the energy efficiency potential in electric motor systems in the geographical area of programme.
  • Enterprise interventions, i.e. demonstration projects, audits and EE investments projects, proposal of financial sources to result in show cases projects and tobe used in the dissemination activities.
  • New participants brought into the MCP in participating countries and other New Member and Candidate Countries.
Contractors: Polish Copper Promotion Center, Poland; ECD, Italy; ENERO, Romania; ISR-University of Coimbra, Portugal; ESD-Bulgaria Ltd., Bulgaria; BSREC, Bulgaria; Energy Efficiency Agency, Bulgaria; Systemexpert Consulting Ltd., Hungary; Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency, Poland; SEVEn, The Czech Republic; Austrian Energy Agency, Austria