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Intelligent road and street lighting in Europe (E-Street)
Title: Intelligent road and street lighting in Europe (E-Street)
Funding: European Commission, "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme
Budget: 1 083 846 EUR
Timeframe: 2006 - 2008

The main objective of the project was to expand the market for energy efficient street lighting.

That was achieved by active procurement performed by the involved street light owners themselves and by provoking and participating in further development of standards and legislation that take into account the new options. Further, by communicating to the market players the customers needs, accelerated more cost effective solutions and administrative tools for optimised design and operation of the intelligent street lighting. The project also tested new financial instruments within street lighting such as Energy Performance Contracting and Third Party Financing.

Contractors: Hafslund, Norway; Ageneal, Portugal; BSREC, Bulgaria; City of Goteborg, Sweden; Javna Razsvetljava, Slovenia; IB, Germany; Philips, Denmark; Eltodo, Czech Republic; KAPE, Poland; SELC, Ireland; Echelon, The Netherlands; City of Oslo, Norway; SITO, Finland