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Involving NGOs in renewable energy research (INRE)
Title: Involving NGOs in renewable energy research (INRE)
Funding: European Commission, FP6
Budget: 115 651 EUR
Timeframe: Feb. 2007 - Feb. 2008

The project aimed at supporting the collaboration of NGOs and research institutions from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and FYR Macedonia in the renewable energy field, with a special emphasis on the involvement of NGOs in the Seventh EU Framework Programme.

The main activities included identification and assessment of the NGOs research needs in the field of RES; identification of the research areas in the field of RES of a common interest for NGOs and research institutions; promotion of FP7 to the researchers and NGOs through training of stakeholders and discussions on the opportunities for submission of proposals under FP7.

Contractors: BSREC, Bulgaria; Association Energy 21, Bulgaria; ENERO, Romania
Downloads: INRE-Handbook