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Accelerated penetration of small-scale biomass and solar technologies (ACCESS)
Title: Accelerated penetration of small-scale biomass and solar technologies (ACCESS)
Funding: European Commission, "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme
Budget: 661 331 EUR
Timeframe: Jan. 2006 - Jan. 2008

The ACCESS project addressed small-scale technologies that utilise biomass and solar energy for heating and hot-water supply in dwellings with individual and local heating systems in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. The project objective was to contribute to the large-scale market penetration of these technologies. The particular activities for the achievement of this objective included:

  • development of a virtual market network;
  • systematization of the biomass energy potential and perspectives for its increase;
  • development of a method for the identification of optimal combined scheme;
  • promotion of standards for both the concerned technologies and biomass products;
  • training courses;
  • elaboration of optimal financing schemes;
  • dissemination activities.
Contractors: BSREC, Bulgaria (Project Coordinator); BIOMASA, Slovakia; CRES, Greece; Innoterm, Hungary; ISPE, Romania; SEVEn, Czech Republic