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National Renewable Energy Action Plan for Bulgaria (NREAP)
Title: National Renewable Energy Action Plan for Bulgaria (NREAP)
Funding: EBRD
Timeframe: Mar. 2010 - Jun.2010

To ensure that Bulgaria can continue to successfully grow RES, and fulfil its obligations under the European Union’s Directive 2009/28/EC, EBRD contracted the consultant to work with the Bulgarian Government to develop, adopt, and submit the Renewable Energy Action Plan (“REAP”) required under Article 4 of the Directive.

The REAP fulfiled the following requirements set out in the Directive:

  • Lay out an indicative trajectory tracing a path towards the achievement of the final mandatory targets for Bulgaria set out under the Directive.
  • Provide information on sectoral RES targets for Bulgaria and propose clear and realistic measures to achieve those targets.
  • Describe current national policies to develop existing biomass resources and pathways to mobilise new biomass resources.
  • Consider the contribution which energy efficiency and energy saving measures can make to achieving Bulgaria’s national RES targets.
  • Take into account the optimal combination of energy efficiency technologies with energy from renewable sources.
  • Information on the existing support schemes in Bulgaria.
  • Information on the potential of increased use of RES in new or renovated buildings in Bulgaria
  • Information on possible measures required relating to the necessary extension or reinforcement of the existing grid infrastructure.
  • Planned statistical transfers or joint projects.
Contractors: Ecosphere (Portugal), IT Power (Great Britain), Black Sea Regional Energy Centre