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Energy efficiency in state and public buildings - Health, education, culture
Title: Energy efficiency in state and public buildings - Health, education, culture
Funding: EBRD / KIDSF
Budget: 49 935 EUR
Timeframe: August 2004 - January 2005

The object of the project represented a multitude of buildings varying in architectural features, age, function and use, as well as in respect to the application of energy transform technologies for heat supply, space heating and air-conditioning. The activities performed by BSREC included:

  • Preparation of a short-list of sub-projects, including: Review and analysis of the long list of proposed sub-projects for energy efficiency measures in public buildings; Proposal of indicators for appraisal of the sub-projects and a method for their comparison; Analysis and update of the data in each PIS for the sub-projects (technical and economic parameters); Assessment of the feasibility of the required investment; Comparative analysis of the sub-projects and preparation of a short list.
  • Preparation of technical documentation, including elaboration of environmental assessment requirements of the proposed sub-projects; rough estimation of the anticipated emission reduction and other environmental or health and safety benefits anticipated as a result of the sub-projects; elaboration of technical specifications; assistance to the completion of the tender documents prepared by MEER for the selection of contractors.
  • Selection of contractors, including: elaboration of specific technical requirements for selection of contractors for the implementation of the sub-projects; participation in the selection procedure.
Contractors: Black Sea Regional Energy Centre