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Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating (EARTH)
Title: Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating (EARTH)
Funding: European Commission, "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme; GA: EIE/04/038/S07.38559
Budget: 1 485 982 EUR
Timeframe: 1 Jan. 2005 - 31 Dec. 2006

The project "Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating" (EARTH) developed installer training courses for small-scale biomass, ground-source heat pump (GSHP) and solar water heating (SWH) systems.

The countries, participating in the action were Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Finland and the UK.

In the beginning, the existing training programmes and training providers as well as the training infrastructure in different countries were reviewed and compiled in country-specific reports.

After that, a task analysis for each technology, or update of a relevant existing task analysis was performed.

In each participating country, one, two or three of the training programmes were developed into deliverable courses.

Each training course afterwards was piloted in one appropriate training centre. These pilot courses took place after completion of the course definition and training materials. The project partners provided support during the preparation and the implementation of the pilot courses, including training of trainers to present the course. It also included an evaluation of each course.

Accreditation and auditor training workshops were held as well.

Contractors: IT Power, UK (Project Coordinator); E.V.A., Austria; ISPQ-Europe, UK; INTIAM, Spain; arsenal research, Austria; ApE, Slovenia; SOLPROS, Finland; WIP, Germany; LEI, Lithuania; FhG-ISI, Germany; CRES, Greece; BSREC, Bulgaria