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Renewable Energy Co-ordinated Development in the Western Balkan Region (RECOVER)
Title: Renewable Energy Co-ordinated Development in the Western Balkan Region (RECOVER)
Funding: European Commission, 6th Framework Programme
Budget: 130 000 EUR
Timeframe: 1 Jun. 2005 - 31 May 2006

The RECOVER Project was a one-year specific support action, carried out by a consortium of seven research institutions and agencies, funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme.

The goal of the Project was to contribute to the sustainable energy development in the Western Balkan Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro), by promoting the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.

The following tasks were carried out by the project partners:

  • Investigation of the domestic conditions for RES utilization in each country, including macroeconomic parameters, energy policies and strategies, and the RES potential, as well as prior efforts and current practices in RES utilization.
  • Revision of the legislative and regulatory frameworks, the policy instruments, success stories, lessons learned and research achievements of the EU member countries, as well as administrative aspects related to RES utilisation.
  • Identification of the best options for RES development in the WB countries, taking into consideration the environmental, health and social impacts, technology availability and cost, as well as the barriers to their implementation.
  • Definition of the future research areas and priorities, addressing the barriers, and during the analyses identifying the conditions for the implementation of the best options.
  • Organization of five seminars in each Western Balkan country and publication of the RECOVER Project information and results.
Contractors: BSREC, Bulgaria (Project coordinator); Albania - EU Energy Efficiency Centre, Albania; CETEOR, Bosnia & Herzegovina; EIHP, Croatia; MAGA, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; ENEA, Italy; University of Belgrade, Serbia