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Advanced sustainable technologies for heating and colling applications (ASTECH)
Title: Advanced sustainable technologies for heating and colling applications (ASTECH)
Funding: European Commission, FP6
Budget: 1 261 875 EUR
Timeframe: 1 Sept. 2006 - 31 May 2009

The objective of the ASTECH project was to support the development of industrial manufacturers and engineering companies of heating and cooling systems (including energy storage) by introducing more renewable energy sources in their technology: solar thermal, biomass and heat pumps.

The main technical goal of the project was to set-up Technology Resource Centres in Europe, with the aim of building bridges between the technology providers (research centres, architects, local actors, etc.).

The project outputs were :

  • Creation of clubs / grouping
  • Collection of RTD results
  • Development of design tools for evaluating and sizing the new technologies
  • Best practice and training programme
  • Creation of a knowledge resource centre relying on multi language search engines based on craft ontologies and terminologies
  • International collaboration with China
Contractors: GRETh, France (Coordinator); ARSENAL, Austria; ASTER, Italy; BSREC, Bulgaria; CRES, Greece; EC BREC, Poland; EVE, Spain; GEONARDO, Hungary; ISE, Germany; IT Power, UK; Ontologos, France; REHVA, The Netherlands; ZERI, China